Six Steps To Getting A Business Ready To Sell

  1. Choosing a Competent Experienced Business Intermediary Group who has good references that you feel comfortable with. McDowell Business Associates has good references and knows that selling a business to the right buyer at the right price is hard work. We won’t compromise our clients to make a sale. When you work with McDowell Business Associates, you get a long list of benefits that helps your business stand out in a crowd and sell. We know how important maintaining the confidential nature of your sale is to your business, its employees, customers and suppliers.
  2. Develop a Professional Business Profile. An important tool in positioning your company to sell for top dollar is a Business Profile. McDowell Business Associates profiles typically include a detailed description of your business information plus trade area analysis, industry facts and information, financial analysis and much more is wrapped into a professionally written multi-page report that motivates your prospective buyer to make a purchase decision.
  3. Have a Business Evaluation Performed. This is another important tool to have available. McDowell Business Associates can provide an opinion of value, and/or work as an analyst with selected independent third party business appraisers. For businesses valued at a million dollars are more this is a requirement for an SBA guaranteed loan.
  4. Determine the most likely Buyer Type, and most likely source of financing. If SBA financing is suspected, have the business pre qualified for a loan
  5. Generate Internet Advertising. McDowell Business Associates client companies are exposed to thousands of buyers each day through our web site and other business web sites. The Internet has opened new frontiers in buying and selling businesses, and McDowell Business Associates is on the cutting edge of Internet use and benefit. Our ads or Internet postings are “blind.” Your business’ identity is hidden; only the facts necessary to generate buyer interest are presented. Buyers must sign a confidentiality agreement, and often must provide a financial disclosure and meet with a staff member before they can obtain specific information about your business.
  6. Develop a Strategic Marketing Plan. The difference between just going through the motions and really winning is the development of a strategic marketing plan to sell your business. At McDowell Business Associates we create a strategic plan to target the potential buyers for your business in and out of your industry. When appropriate, we use direct mail marketing to reach potential buyers in places that you may not have even thought about. We give buyers specific reasons to acquire your business.